Fatalities, Finishers

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Fatalities, Finishers

Each games comes with its own tricks and secrets. Knowing them, you can play more successfully and get a good edge over your rivals. Bowmasters is no exception. This thrilling and fun 2D arcade with best Fatalities, Finishers will check how well you aim and shoot in a series of cartoonish long-distance fights with famous characters. Although the game might seem rather primitive at first, there are still certain peculiarities you need to know about if you hope to succeed. Today we’ll tell you some cool Bowmasters tricks that will increase your efficiency manifold!

  1. Try to choose the most precise angle and strength. Since objects in the game move according to physical laws, learning how they work is the best way to achieve the highest score.
  2. Use arrows, spears and other narrow, straight objects to maximize head damage.
  3. If you seem to miss a lot, try using tomahawk, chainsaw or other circular items instead that are easier to throw accurately.
  4. There are also special projectiles that come with special abilities. You can activate them by tapping on the weapon while it’s still flying.
  5. Don’t get stuck with just one weapon type, though. In different situations, each of them can have an advantage over other options. Experiment with different types of projectiles to find out which one fits you best.
  6. If you lack coins, the fastest way to get more is to go on a bird hunt. Shoot birds flying by and get a certain amount of money for each victim.

Hopefully, these recommendations will prove handy to you and help you achieve great results and beat all your friends! Good luck delivering your perfect shot!

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